How to Combine Box Jumps With Sprints

by Daimond Dixon
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49512
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Combining the use of box jumps and sprints provides athletes with a perfect way to increase athletic speed and explosive reaction, at the same time.

Plyometric training is very useful for training muscle fibers to react explosively with power.  Plyometric box jumps are an efficient way to achieve this activating of fast-twitch muscle fibers.  Jumping off the ground and then landing on an elevated surface (such as box jumps) builds leg strength and explosive endurance.

Jumps can be done forward (jumping towards the box), side ways (jumping to the right or left) or side-to-side (jumping, landing on the surface, then hopping down to the other side of the box.).

Adding a sprint after performing box jumps “ups the conditioning ante”. To do this requires a good conditioning base to start with.

If athletes have this, then sprints can be put into effect with box jumps relatively easy.

The following box-sprint combos are ideal:

  1. Box jump forward with 5 -10 yards sprint. Perform a jump onto a box forward, hop off to the box forward, and explode 5-10 yards forward
  2. Sideways Box Jump with sprint. Perform side ways box jump onto box, hop back down to original side, and sprint 5-10 yards forward
  3. Side-to-side box jump and sprint. Perform the above, but this time land on opposite side of box and sprint 5-10 yards

Training Tips:

  • Alternate your distances of your sprints
  • Be multi directional; upon landing, turn and sprint to the right and left
  • Once you gain proficiency, make several jumps before sprinting and add more boxes
  • No boxes? Use cones to jump over, then perform sprint

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